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Research group: Innovaciones metodológicas en evaluación de programas

Research Group assigned to the Research Program from Andalucia:HUM-649

Workshop Febrero 2005

Cartel Workshop Febrero 2005 (48 Kb) You can obtain documents from the workshop in the following:
  • D. Rubin. Causal Inference using potential outcomes: design, modeling, decisions. Slides (pdf)
  • D. Rubin. Causal Inference using potential outcomes: design, modeling, decisions. Article (pdf)
  • T. Cook. Recent developments in empirical research on selection bias. Slides (ppt)
  • W. Shadish. Similarities and Differences between Rubin’s and Campbell’s Causal Models Article (pdf) Slides (pdf)
  • R. Steyer. Analyzing individual and average causal effects via structural equation models. Article (pdf)
  • R. Steyer. Analysis of individual and average causal effects. Slides (pdf)
  • S. Chacón & P. Holgado. Empirical study of threats to validity. A first contribution. Slides (ppt)
Foto familia Workshop Febrero 2005 (50 Kb)

Brief about our research group
We are a research group that is interested in methodological advances from a basic or methodological point of view (validity, measurement, design, analysis and meta-analysis); as well as their applications to program evaluation in different intervention contexts (our actual applied research projects area related to the evaluation of: continuous training; social, educational and health interventions; Quality in University; Sports and physical activity).

This web page pretends, not only to inform, but also to facilitate people interested in our work to send us suggestions to our on going research projects. Then we offer you the possibility to introduce suggestions in this web page directly. We would like to foster an interchangeable context where different ideas can be presented freely as a way to enhance a plural development of the knowledge.

* Group Members
* Research Projects
* Research Results
* Professional Meetings Organized
* Teaching Undergraduateand Postgraduate

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